Apple, We Have To Talk!

Dear Apple,

I got my latest MacBook Pro model only a short while ago. Of course I’ve heard about the Yosemite thing you were going to roll out. And now have.

And, of course, I understand that software evolves continiously.

However, I have not yet upgraded to Yosemite. My main reason was that I really liked the old system font and I dislike Helvetica on big devices. Ok, but that is really something I can imagine to live with very well. You say, ‘hey let’s bring mobile and desktops closer to each other’. Even if that is something some software company from Redmond failed at. But I trust you to do it better, so I could imagine to give it a try.

And I even understand that a Spotlight which searches the internet has to put the queries to some servers. Ok, it would have been kind of you if you’ve asked me.

But one thing which is completely not ok is the fact that you upload my unsaved files from basically any application to your servers. I know you always only want me to have the best experience. But that decision is rude. It is unacceptable. If I wanted an operating system like that I would have bought a damn f*ck*ng Chrome Book! That would have saved me a few bucks, yet.

Apple, I am old enough to decide if I want to use some or all of your great features. But please ask me from now on if you design features that intrinsically invade my privacy – I like you, but sometimes I need some distance!

Best, Your User