I've Had My 15 Minutes Of Fame

Yes, this blog got mentioned on HackerNews. It was even position one for a short time!

screen short of this blog on position one in hacker news

It was Saturday, around 8pm CEST, when the blog post about Google+ made it to the front page.

It may have felt like this. However, I am happy I had dinner with my girlfriend in the city when the hell broke over my web server stats, so I noticed the impact not till I came back home. Basically, I had my 15 mins of fame which peaked to roughly 600 visitors per hour and did not really notice.

A special thing is that I naively submitted my short article to Hacker News with my 4 days old account. If you came here with the question of how to get to the front page of hacker news in your mind, the answer is simple: Stick to the rules. A piece of interesting, up-to-date and open-for-discussion content will help, either.